C. T. O.


Welcome to our organization

Our organization is available to all who are devoted to the world and the fight against terrorism. Our membership is available to everyone, both to officials and civilians.

C. T. O.

Professional organization that brings together police, soldiers and civilians who want to influence the reduction of terrorism


Education on the topic of terrorism and anti-terrorism.


Courses and training on the subject of anti-terrorism.


Publications and books about terrorism and anti-terrorism.


Debates and discussions on the issue of the migrant crisis.


Exploring terrorist attacks in the world and gathering information.


Analysis of terrorist attacks, collection and exchange of information.

Mission and vision

Research and improvement in the field of security, counterterrorism and extremism, education and raising awareness and level of competence in understanding security, counterterrorism and extremism, and the Law. Prevention through interviews and education through public tribunes, daily workshops, organization of games through learning, all for the purpose of security literacy and understanding of the functioning of security, counterterrorism and extremism, advancement of knowledge of the Laws as well as research and improvement of the Law through proposals, research and improvement in the field security and counterterrorism through cooperation with state institutions, citizens’ associations, private companies, trade unions and individuals. Education of bodyguards, private detectives, security workers, scouts, citizens. Research and improvement of the private security sector’s work through education, training and cooperation.


Association “World Police Counterterrorism Organization CTO” is a non-governmental, non-profit, interest, public and professional association of active and retired police, state and private security personnel, experts and security specialists, academic community of related sciences and scientific disciplines related to security and counterterrorism and other citizens regarding security and counterterrorism, based on indefinite time in order to achieve goals in the field of development and improvement in the field of security, counterterrorism and extremism and in relation to security, counterterrorism and extremism, as well as by linking all security structures.


Dragan Pantic
PhDr. Mgr. Ladislav Csöllei
Orlando Mardner
Borislav Horvat

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Our organization is open to all those who support the fight against terrorism and extremism. Officials and civilians can also apply for membership in our organization.

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Discounts on training and education.
Discounts on CTO branded products.
Participation in actions.
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International Association of Journalists
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Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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C.T.O. is registered in Europe, Serbia – registration number 28259174, tax identification number 110863030.